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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back at the Keyboard

Oh dear oh dear. If there was an Olympic event for erratic blogging I would be stepping on to the podium with ease. Summer holidays... operation on my foot... children... leaking roof... over-abundance of apples and other garden produce and the the need to Do Something before they go to waste... all of these have contributed to my poor attendence so far this term.
Here's my first excuse. I'm sorry to inflict a photo of my unpainted toenails upon you but they made me take off the nail varnish, (why do they do that?). I've got a brand new ligament but I can't put my foot on the floor for two weeks. Just the sheer effort of hauling my sorry carcass around the house is exhausting - I won't dwell on my technique for going up and down the stairs.

Before the operation I started to panic about the number of fairs and markets I've signed up to do in the run up to Christmas so I did get down to some serious sewing. I've made lots of Christmas bunting by printing vintage cards onto fabric - I worked out how long they needed to be by measuring them on the fireplaces and alcoves in our house - 2 metres is about right...

I also went through the doilie stash and made some shorter lengths with smaller doilies. I was thinking they were a summery thing but the smaller ones look like snowflakes and I thought that across a window at Christmas time might be just the thing...
Whilst I was there I made up two lengths with colours. I wasn't sure that it would work but they are my favourites at the moment.
I've had fun making some some aprons too from a stash of vintage tea-towels
Last month we went on a family trip to see One Man Two Guvnors at the National Theatre on the South Bank - which was fantastic. In the afternoon we caught the Festival of Britain museum that had been running in the basement of the Festival Hall. I love the whole idea of the Festival and wish I could have been there but this small exhibition really conjured up the spirit of the time and had some great archive films.
The room sets were great too with lots of us remarking on the familiarity of objects from our childhood...

I'd give my "eye-teeth" (as my Nan used to say) for this wallpaper and light combo right now. Sadly Mr Vintage is not in agreement!