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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Vintage Stuff for 2012

Oh I'm such a slacker, I've let things slip and, well let's be honest, I've let myself down. Forgive's been 2 months since I last blogged. 2012 - I'm going to do better.
I've been having a big sort out actually. In the run up to Christmas I was so busy making stuff and doing the fairs (too many I think) that I couldn't do anything else. Just before the family descended I gathered up all the work related stock, fabric and materials and stacked them in a giant cupboard that I've rented from one of those self storage places.
January was to be my STOCKTAKING month. I have frozen to death in a warehouse sifting through my stock and writing it all down.
Loads of it has come back home and been measured and photographed and now it's in the process of getting on to the website.
Man, it's a slow process - don't even mention the accounts - I was supposed to finish them before the end of the month as well.
 Still the website's looking better (I think) certainly a lot fuller. This week I have mainly been adding to Vintage Home. Next week it's Fabrics...

My machine embroidery group started up again this month. I LOVE that class. Now I'm officially no longer a beginner I get to plan and create my own projects within a given theme. These two, the picture and the pot, developed from one of them. I'm calling them my hedgerow series and I've got plans for a few more...

The current project has to be based on an artist you admire or who inspires you. I'm thinking Kandinsky inspired stuffed toys... I'll keep you posted.
Oh it's nice to be back...hello and thank you to anyone who reads this ... it's better than I deserve.