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Monday, 28 February 2011

A Mixed Bag

Here's this week's project! I've been looking for a mannequin (with no head or arms!) for ages and a couple of weeks agao I finally found one. Then, this weekend I found a load of french fashion/sewing magazines in the local market. They're from the 1940's and early 50's and are FABULOUS. I had to restrain myself and not buy the lot. Anyway, I'm thinking that a few of them collaged onto my naked mannequin will be rather chic and will make a tall centrepiece for my Open House display.

My worry is what to stick them with? The paper that they are printed on is quite thin and rough - more newspaper than magazine quality - presumably because they are all from the end of the War and paper was scarce. I'm worried that the wrong glue will make the colours run or make the print on the reverse show through. Any thoughts on this gratefully accepted! I'll pluck up the courage to make a start in the next couple of days so I'll keep you posted.

It's been a bit of a bumper few days, I've sewn loads of lavender postcards for the shop...
Lined a vintage hamper with some lovely vintage fabric, also for the shop although I was thinking it would make a lovely sewing basket...
and found an old Tufty Club educational jigsaw to go on the wall.
I do love a mooch around a market!


Saphy said...

Wow, what a find.. they will look great on the bust, but I would be tempted to photocopy them and attach the copies to it and keep the originals! looks like a productive trip.

Handmade and Vintage said...

I was worried about photocopying them in case they lost their vintage look - if you see what I mean. But I'm going to try soaking some paper in tea and then photocopying onto that. Thanks for making me think again Saphy.