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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Happiness Is....

Sometimes life has it's ups as well as its downs. My operation on my ankle, scheduled for last Friday, was cancelled. Now I had been dreading it and I may have moaned a bit (ahem) but I was really down about it not happening and being back to uncertainty. But then this week I find that I am surrounded by goodies so I thought I would share....

This is a basket of washed and dried doilies and vintage embroidered linen, found by my friend Claire in a cupboard in her dad's house. She rang to ask if it was "any use to me?"

Then yesterday I went to one of the local auctions and won two boxes of mixed linens. Half the fun is sorting out what's in them when you get home, these are a very mixed lot indeed with lace, trims, Edwardian children's clothes, embroidery... Above you can see yet more doilies on the drying rack!

And here are two beautiful embroideries and a vintage tapestry stretched and pinned to try and get them back into shape. How lovely are these? I think the tapestry will make the top of a big bean bag type seat. Not sure what to do with the embroideries yet.

And finally... Dah Dah! My new toy. It's an embellishing machine - just unwrapped. I've been saving up for it and now it's here! Watch this space!

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Kandi said...

So jealous, I would love a phone call like that!
Kandi x