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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Practically Perfect Prints

I recently acquired a big pile of school posters from the 1930's - 1950's. I've been going through them and trying to find out more about their origins and the artists. About 9 of the prints are by Eileen Soper, whose name I knew only because she had illustrated the Famous Five books.

The portraits in these prints are very reminiscent of those and they conjure up the era perfectly. A bit of research has revealed that Eileen Soper in fact illustrated over 50 of Enid Blyton's books including all of the Nature Lover's Series from which these illustrations come. For more pictures and information I recommend the Enid Blyton Society website, a splendidly well-informed place.

The picture at the top is called "Down Willow Way". Then there's the tale of "The Bad Bluebottle Fly"...

The "Very Queer Home"...
"Gloves for the Party"...

and my favourite - "The Clever Weathercock". (Actually I don't know if I can part with this!)

The attention to detail in all of the plants, trees and animals is fantastic and the colours are so soft and soothing. There's more of them on the website as well as a bit more information about each one and the story it comes from.

Now I've done the Eileen Soper ones I'm moving on. I haven't researched them yet but these two are my out and out favourites of the next batch. I never knew carpet making was so glamorous and languid. But look at that airport - mine's a Martini - on the rocks.

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