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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Birthday Bunting and a Decorated Machine

I bought a scrapbook full of 1950's greetings cards at a car boot sale the other week. I didn't really know what to do with them but the pictures and the colours were fabulous so it joined the haul of treasures that came home. But now they are reborn as...Birthday Bunting!

I do like it when old things get a new lease of life and these look fabulous strung up around a room. I think they'd look great outside too - if it ever stops raining for long enough I will try it. I have also done some with personal photgraphs too, interspersed with the pictures - great for a notable birthday or anniversay.

I have finally started on a new quilt. These take a while to make - not least because it takes me ages to gather the courage to cut up the stash of tablecloths and needlework before I start. I do like the way they all look when they are almost crammed together but when this one is completed, I'm going to try a different method with some traycloths that I've got stored up.

Encouraged by Mrs Vintage, I did spend some time this weekend decluttering my workspace and making sure that everything was sorted into lovely piles and all the usual debris was neatly stacked. I was feeling quite pleased with it until I saw this...

This is my daughter's sewing machine. She got it for Christmas and keeps it on her desk in her room where she whisks up creations for her doll's house and her friends. I had never thought of decorating an actual sewing machine before but you have to admit it looks rather splendid - apparently sticking things down with blue tac is the key!

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