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Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, New Things...

Normal service has finally resumed at Vintage Towers following the Christmas/New Year break and so there is activity to report on the Handmade & Vintage front...

I found a beautiful panel of Alice in Wonderland fabric which shows all the characters on a rich green cotton background. The selvedge shows that it is from Jane Churchill and called Wonderland. I've looked around but it seems to be discontinued and quite hard to find. It's unused and in perfect condition. I have spoken sternly to myself and it will be going into the shop tomorrow!
In the shop right now though are two big cushion covers (that come with their own inners). The first one is made from a vintage embroidered tablecloth and vintage doilies...

The second is made from a combination of two tablecloths and is backed with soft, vintage damask.

Also in the craft section are two packs containing lovely vintage things for collage or altered art or card making projects.

A stash of original postcards from the 1930's.

And a complete (and seemingly unused) game of Pepys Happy Families from Around the World.

Of course you may wish to just keep this to play with your own happy family - either way the pictures and colours are lovely.

Drop by to the shop anytime - Mrs Vintage is open all hours.

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