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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Get Creative.....Now!!

Just a quick word because Mrs V and I are very excited by the new "Get Creative" packs that we have been putting together at Handmade & Vintage.

We wanted to put some collage/sewing/scrapbooking type packs together for ages but it took a while to find the right containers to put them in. In keeping with the Handmade & Vintage ethos we wanted something that was either recycled or could be re-used in the future and then it hit us...jam jars! (Luckily they didn't hit us literally)

Anyway pop over and look at our gorgeous jam jars with their perky red and white spotted lids all filled with equally gorgeous vintage bits and bobs...

The cushion covers are progressing well and some lovely new fabrics arrived today that I'll try and photograph if the sun comes out tomorrow. I'm thinking of turning them into covers for the heat packs. I've also got some lovely vintage feedsack pieces coming from America which I'm looking forward to arriving.

I have now managed to list the first 12 or so original classroom prints in the shop. They are from the 1940's and these ones are filled with beautiful, detailed images of a variety of british fauna and flora. My personal favourites are "Birds of Doubtful Character" and "Poisonous Plants" but that may be a bit too gothic as a combination. Wander over to the prints and Pictures area of the shop if you have a moment, they are worth a look.

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