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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Car Booty

Happiness is... a car boot sale on a Saturday morning. Here's my haul!

 Never judge a book by it's cover...
inside this one there's loads of fascinating stuff...
...lots of 1930's maps to cover furniture, notebooks, etc...

Fab-u-lous French comics - "Lisette" from 1950 - not sure what to do with them yet..
A Lasso game - might make something with this I think...maybe a clock...I love the graphics
 A jigsaw - (!)
There's also a couple of embroideries that will look lovely in a quilt 

An unused house-hunting game from the thirties I think
a vintage valentine card (for next year)

a box of vintage sewing bits and bobs

and a great, vintage photo!

AND the rain stopped and the sun came out - heaven!


Ivy Black said...

Brilliant haul! Love the old maps and the gym photo. PE in big knickers...that takes me back!!xx

Saphy said...

Lucky you. I never come out with a good haul like that. I love the Map book.